Hill Observatory

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m1OASYS Automated roof control added to make the observatory completely accessible remotely.

Roof Automation

 Automation of my roof is accomplished with the help of a heavy duty garage door opener, cables, and chain.  My opener was designed using some of the ideas that  Chris Vedeler  shares on his web page, THANKS CHRIS!  With the opener's original gearing, the roof opened much too quickly (<8 seconds).  So, I scrounged some old bicycle gears, pillow blocks and a 5/8" shaft, and fabricated a 2.5 to 1 reduction transmission.  Now the roof rolls smoothly, opening and closing in ~20 seconds.

The opener is equipped with contacts to stop the roof in the open/close
positions (red boxed area and insert in lower right corner).  Basically, there are two cams that activate contact switches when the desired location of the roof is reached.





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